Unique Benefits of Central Hub and Resource Link™



MESA’s system collects interaction data from each customer who interacts with Central Hub and Resource Link™. Subscribers can access this data in real-time through the online Access Portal. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format—no data analyst required! Number of selections and interaction duration are examples of these powerful reports. 

Repeat Interaction


Landing page templates incorporate QR codes that provide access to websites and social media outlets. Customers can connect repeatedly through the QR code application history from the comfort of their home.



Subscribers can control their information to ensure customers are up-to-date and engaged at any time throughout their subscription period. Ads and landing pages can be created with templates or by uploading proprietary, creative designs.



MESA’s goal is to provide subscribers the help they need to perform all account functions through the Access Portal. This affords them the confidence and support needed to fully maximize Central Hub and Resource Link™ capabilities. MESA will continually monitor success of each ad and landing page to identify trends that produce results. These discoveries will be shared with subscribers, empowering them to update and change content, as necessary.