Tracy Anderson

A courageous, responsible, dedicated and driven entrepreneur, high achiever and natural-born leader. Tracy has a unique ability to think outside of the box, to develop and implement strategies that achieve goals and solutions, to recognize opportunity and to reduce risk. She has the ability to analyze data and make system connections that many overlook to maximize efficiency, revenue and resources. She is also co-founder of MESA Enterprises, LLC, and the creative force of Central Hub and Resource LinkTM. She serves as Executive Vice President.

Randall Montalbano

A creative, principled and dedicated professional with over 45 years experience as a business owner, employer, entrepreneur, and international marketing executive. Randall has created successful strategies for companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He is one of the most sought after Marketing Strategists in the country. He is the founder and principal of Montalbano Marketing, Inc./MonMark Group International, LLC, a full-service marketing and business-development consulting firm. He is also co-founder and principal in GUI Global Products: and He serves as Director of Advertising, Marketing & Operations.

Erika Cortez

A brilliant, strategic and innovative graphic designer with over 17 years of experience. Erika excels at managing product development and graphic design from conceptualization to delivery. She has the ability to coordinate and oversee multiple projects in fast-paced, diverse and time sensitive environments. End products are delivered with excellence—every time. Her experience ranges from creative design for small businesses, nonprofits and start-ups to multi-billion dollar retailers. She serves as Director of Graphic Design.

Roger Parker

A driven, high-energy global human resources leader and project manager with over 11 years of experience. Roger manages people to develop overall organizational initiatives. He has a fast-track background from global companies, Dow Chemical and Six Sigma, in analyzing human capital and operational needs at every level. He has a successful history of mentoring and retaining key team members that has led to a history of rapid growth in a variety of settings. He also has a strong commitment to results and doing things the right way, which significantly contributes to an organization’s ability to recruit, hire, train and manage its human capital. He serves as Director of HR & Finance.

Tyrone Jones

A tenacious, versatile and adaptive entrepreneur and business professional. Tyrone is an extremely gifted communicator who instantly creates a positive atmosphere in both business and social environments. He has the ability to quickly read and respond to customers and their needs, while setting them at ease. He is also the founder and product inventor for Tycal Ltd.