Our Story



From its inception, MESA founders Miles and Tracy Anderson always had the vision to invest in the future.  But even with a solid business plan and an innovative concept, the road to startup was difficult.  Many entrepreneurs would have given up while MESA dug in their heels and worked harder, but after another investor declined, the team began to consider maybe cutting edge technology and the drive to succeed just wasn’t enough.

And then it was.  MESA was offered an incredible helping hand and finally was able to make their dream a reality.  The physical unit, known as the Central Hub and Resource Link™, or CHRL (Cheryl) stands as a tribute to a selfless and inspiring person who should remind us all that nothing is impossible.

Research & Development


The MESA team has invested over 31,000 hours in customer engagement research, advertising and marketing, unit engineering, software development and training. Engage with MESA Enterprises, LLC and experience the PROVEN performance of Central Hub and Resource Link™: hardware, software and engagement methodology. 

Mission & Vision


MESA will bring innovation to customer engagement by creating a tool for businesses to quantify effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns, while simultaneously creating a fun, interactive and memorable experience for customers.