What make Central Hub and Resource Link™ unique?

Central Hub and Resource Link™ allows hands-free, gesture-controlled customer engagement in new, exciting and innovative ways. This unique advertising opportunity enhances brand loyalty while providing valuable interaction statistics and customer feedback. Client businesses of MESA obtain a greater understanding of customers and their habits. With only the click of a button, consumer data can be analyzed—anywhere, anytime, by the business.

Gesture-controlled interaction increases engagement, enhances memory and generates curiosity, inviting others to connect and engage.

The creative use of Central Hub and Resource Link™ provides businesses with access to exclusive, innovative technology that engages customers, generates new clientele, and increases revenue and loyalty. 

How does Central Hub and Resource Link™ work?

Central Hub and Resource Link™ is comprised of two primary components: the software application that customers interact with in high-traffic areas and the Access Portal made available to client businesses. The software application auto-scrolls through all client and/or retailer advertisements with a maximum capacity of 150 full screens. This software application allows for customer-driven, gesture-controlled interaction. All customer-interaction data is captured in real-time and obtained through MESA’s Access Portal.

The software application of Central Hub and Resource Link™ is designed to automatically scroll through all “advertisements” until a customer enters the interactive window. Once a customer completes their interaction and exits the interactive window, the auto-scrolling program returns.

The ease of interaction and programming design is a useful, fun and interactive tool for each customer to connect with client businesses of MESA’s.

Access Portal: MESA Client Experience

Ad & Landing Page Design


The secure Access Portal allows for the creation of advertisements and landing pages via easy-to-use templates, which quickly enable input information and creative designs to be uploaded. Advertisement and landing page combinations can be scheduled through the internal calendar component, which accommodates campaigns or future events. Advertisements and landing pages can be archived for later editing and re-use. Content can be changed at any time throughout the client’s subscription.



Newly created advertisement and landing page content require approval from MESA. This requirement not only ensures that the content created in the Access Portal is appropriate for high-traffic locations, but also ensures compliance with the Subscription Agreement.



The online, secured Access Portal allows the user to see graphic representations of all impressions and interactive data in real-time. This enables immediate trending and participation data. There are filtering options available for date, method of searching, and advertisement name. MESA will guide our clients through the process.

Software Application: User Experience



Central Hub and Resource Link™ has a navigation menu that can be accessed by raising your left hand. This menu allows the customer to return to advertisements from the landing pages, to perform alphabetical or categorical searches, or to access the gesture instructions. In addition, customers can manually navigate through all available advertisements by simply holding out their hand to their side in either direction. Once they have located the advertisement that captures their interest, the customer can gesture by pushing their hand forward to select the advertisement.   

Help Menu


Should customers forget how to access the gesture instructions from the navigation menu, a Help button is located on every screen. Customers are then instructed on the gestures to try for that specific screen to encourage continued engagement with advertisements.  

Search Options


Alphabetical and categorical searches of advertisements are accessible to customers through the navigation menu. These search options allow customers to quickly locate desired information, keeping the customers engaged.  



Advertisements are displayed on Central Hub and Resource Link™ in the auto-scrolling program and can be accessed by customers through the alphabetical and categorical search option or by manually scrolling through advertisements once in the interactive window. 

Landing Pages


The features of Central Hub and Resource Link™ encourage customers to select advertisements for more information found on “landing pages”. QR codes (website, social media, gaming, etc.), pictures, videos, text, audio and other features encourage continued engagement on landing pages.